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Concrete customer information
It unifies customer databases, making them accessible, visible and useful. From revenue, booking history, communications, royalty levels and authentic feedback (internal surveys or online platforms).
Use all your guests' information to customize your communication in a dynamic way.
Marketing automation
Possibility of sending personalized communications throughout the guest's journey via email or SMS.
Create efficient journeys
Create one-time or recurring campaigns using email templates that work.
Real-time reports
Possibility to access aggregated metrics of your guests, from multiple data sources in real-time reports and dashboards.
Specialized support
Product engineers, marketing and design experts available to improve your business performance.
Connection with operating systems
Bi-directional connection between operating systems (PMS, POS, etc.) which allows viewing the master profile in any of the software.
API’s & Integrations
Enrich guest knowledge by integrating with multiple sources of information via APIs, as well as accessing consolidated guest information via API.

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